Hamilton Eye Clinic

Background :

Hamilton Eye Clinic is a team of nine highly qualified Ophthalmologists with varying specialities. These comprise all aspects of medical and surgical eye care, including laser and cataract surgery.

When a fire broke out at Hamilton Eye Clinic’s premises, IT Partners went into disaster recovery mode to ensure the company’s systems weren’t damaged..

Sally Rosenberg, Hamilton Eye Clinic Practice Manager, regards the relationship with IT Partners as vital. “The team at IT Partners responded quickly, appropriately and provided the type of expertise needed in a high intensity situation. That second and third set of eyes and ears, the ‘human checklist’, helped prioritise and triage the technology recovery required to ensure patient and doctors’ medical records were kept secure and made available.”

Problem :

One Wednesday afternoon at 1:10pm disaster struck at the Hamilton Eye Clinic. A ceiling fire and resulting water damage stopped the practice in its tracks. IT Partners responded immediately, quickly arriving onsite, and, when safe, entered the building with the Fire Service to remove critical servers. Back at the office, another team was checking backups and starting the process of sourcing and preparing loan hardware to begin the restoration process.

Sally discusses the impact of business outage:We are a very busy specialist practice – we see about 300 patients per week, that’s 60 or so per day. Many of our doctors are booked three to four months ahead so rescheduling a patient appointment is difficult, especially if the delay would cause deterioration in their eye health. Every day we are unable to function we now know takes about a week to recover from.”

Solution :

By 11am the following morning all critical systems were up and running and five Hamilton Eye Clinic staff were working from IT Partners’ premises, re-arranging appointments and prioritising work. Phone numbers were ported, and a loan PABX, created by Lightwire, enabled efficient handling of calls to patients.

Administrative downtime was minimised, but the doctors still had patients to see and needed access to files. IT Partners, in coordination with Practice Manager, Sally, secured the use of consulting rooms around Hamilton, and together with Lightwire built an on-demand secure network to allow the doctors to keep working.

Hamilton Eye Clinic worked from IT Partners for the next week, whilst repairs were made to the premises.

Result :

“IT Partners provided Hamilton Eye Clinic with the type of service and solution that is almost too hard to quantify,” said Sally. “The attitude of the team, the willingness to provide a home base and to accommodate our requests to set up satellite functions from remote sites was all taken in stride.

“The ongoing support and checking in on the well-being of my team made the service offering more than just a simple IT disaster recovery provision. As the Practice Manager I was able to focus on the rapid recovery of our business knowing the day-to-day functions were being catered for – patients were being seen, records were able to be accessed and maintained, and the roll back into the repaired premises was going to be ‘clean’.”

Sally said the clinic has been praised by its insurers for the expertise with which the situation was managed. “A large part of that was enabled by IT Partners. Not only were they our IT service providers, but they stepped up to provide the all-important telephony services through their sister company Lightwire when other providers saw the problem as too hard or unsolvable.

“The team at IT Partners are thoroughly professional. I highly recommend the company as a partner in the way business can be done, even in the ‘most trying’ moments.”

Hamilton Eye Clinic