You might have become aware of firms and home users being infected with Cryptolocker. For a better understanding of what this piece of malware does, this is a useful article.

A recent report from AIG notes that only 36% of data breaches come from malware and external attack – far more come from system glitches and human factors.

Greig McGill reminded us all recently that that all the secure passwords in the world can’t help you when someone has physical access to your machine, as the software tool Inception demonstrates.

So what does IT Partners recommend to protect your business from malware and security breaches?

We have three key messages: EducateAssess Risk, and Have a Plan!

  1. Educate and up skill your workforce – make it a frequent discussion point – we can help you with this.
  2. Make sure you have appropriate layers of defence that match your business risk. As an example, if you are like Target in the USA, you might want to think about how attractive a target (sorry) you make with all those credit cards you store. IT Partners can help you assess and mitigate these risks with both hardware and software solutions.
  3. Have a plan to mitigate and deal with incidents. A number of articles have come out already in 2014 showing that the number of attacks and exploits are only going to increase, along with the severity of those attacks. Take these precautions to ensure your business stays on the right side of the statistics.