Having our team on the latest mobile devices is important when it comes to productivity and security. It ensures that wherever our team is and wherever  we go,  our work is readily accessible and delivered faster. With newer technology, we can do more, respond faster, make better decisions and get stuff done.

The Four Key Benefits of Having the Latest Mobile Devices:  


Mobile devices provide our team with the mobility to work and connect anywhere, anytime. Our team members no longer need to haul laptops to client meetings as they can add or edit anything from their mobile phones or tablets. Mobility ensures that our team remains productive when travelling and working remotely.


With faster mobile devices, employees can manage their work, receive and process orders, and share documents all from their phones or tablets. With the use of integrated applications, our team can access files from their laptops through cloud systems. This leads to many benefits, an example being the ability to approve content on the go.


The faster our mobile devices are, the more we’re able to accomplish in our day. The increased mobility and functions of our mobile devices ensure that we can actively complete tasks at any point during the day. Using Microsoft Surface Pro’s, for example, provides longer battery life compared to laptops, meaning we can work remotely for longer.

Improved Communication   

All communication can now be streamlined. We can communicate  immediately using instant messaging, calling or emails. This is because our mobile devices alert us in real time. We can therefore be more collaborative in our work by sharing ideas and information with colleagues at the click of a button. While on the go, our team also has the ability to discuss challenges and action solutions through the use of Microsoft Teams mobile application.


As everything is now stored on our mobile devices, we need to guarantee that they are secure to eliminate any potential security risks.  Newer mobile devices are constantly updating and are more receptive to improvements. This is beneficial as these updates remove bugs and glitches in software, ensuring they run faster and more efficiently. Upgrades also mean that devices have the newest and most secure software.

Plus-sized models also add multiple benefits. The larger the screen, the more willing employees are to continue their work while on the move. We are visually able to do more with a larger screen and interact with applications with ease. Mobile devices can now do what most computers can, but the advantage is that they’re light weight, easy to carry and have a longer battery life than laptops.

Having the latest mobile devices is a great way to add value to your business and maximise your team’s capability. Here at IT Partners, we ensure that all our employees are using the latest devices and we support their preference to purchase the plus-sized models. This enables our employees to be productive and efficient wherever they are.