Here at IT Partners we recognise that, like us, our clients want to get stuff done.  This starts from having a good internal support system.

Zendesk provides not only a bridge between the company and their customers but also acts as an internal helpdesk.  It works with a company’s knowledge to help them respond to requests more effectively.

We have recently implemented Zendesk into two of our client’s internal systems, and it has had several benefits:

  • Zendesk offers simple yet effective solutions that make it easier for staff to engage with the business. All channels are connected creating seamless conversations and increasing information sharing across the company.
  • Agents have one continuous stream for a ticket, this means all the information they need is in one place.
  • Tickets are available as soon as they are logged, meaning issues can get sorted ASAP.
  • Zendesk has a highly customised system allowing problems to be solved easier, as well as automatically guiding staff to the best solution or relevant information. This cuts out siloed conversations and complicated channel switching.
  • It filters out the simple questions and repeat issues, so agents can focus on things that require a human touch. Meaning more time can be spent on clients.
  • Managers get a good oversight from tracking IT support tickets from creation through to completion.
  • Businesses can leverage existing workflows, share data and improve collaboration across teams to streamline operations. This means better internal integration.
  • Analytics within Zendesk generate data to give the business valuable insight into how they can improve processes.

At IT Partners, we value helping our clients achieve their goals, through innovative and easy to use products. Zendesk has provided our clients with a more manageable alternative to email, where every support request can be tracked from beginning to end. Our clients then have more time to spend on tasks that matter.