Over the last 12 months the IT Partners Group have been deploying Microsoft PowerBI Reporting extensively to various business units. This has enabled the analysis of raw data to generate insightful and actionable business information for both our team and key decision makers.

At Lightwire we have a contract with Crown Infrastructure Partners to upgrade 107 sites to improve rural broadband under phase two of the Government’s Rural Broadband Initiative and Mobile Black Spots Fund programme (RBI2/MBSF). This involves an extensive amount of planning, people and capital expenditure. To support this process, we are utilising the capabilities of PowerBI to make more informed decisions, keep the project ahead of schedule, and communicate our progress and milestones.

The utilisation of PowerBI has empowered us in three key areas:

1. Data extraction and analysis

By connecting directly to data sources Power BI has enabled us to eliminate manual tasks like data extraction and manipulation. It can reach into disparate data bases, gathering requested data quickly and accurately.

2. Data visualisation

PowerBI supports the development of live dashboards and automated end to end reporting. There are many options for how to visualise data, meaning we can customise it to meet our specific needs. This enables information to be communicated in a clear and efficient manner.

3. Data sharing and collaboration

Using PowerBI, it is easy to collaborate on reports and share data visualisations with other team members. The information we have generated has been used to inform everyone in the company, from the team on the ground to board members.

Overall, PowerBI is making us more productive, more efficient and allowing us to grow faster!

We are not the only ones benefiting from this tool as we have recently done work with PowerBI for a range of clients. For example, Montana Food and Events, empowering their team with insights and dynamically driven reporting that makes a difference.

If you would like to know more about how your business could benefit from PowerBI, please reach out to our team via email or call us on 07 957 2650.