Our vision here at IT Partners is to support lasting healthy lifestyle changes. To achieve this, we have a Wellness Program which encourages all employees to take ownership of their wellbeing so they can perform at optimum level, both personally and professionally. 

A huge part of our program is to encourage our staff to be fit and healthy. We know that time can feel scarce and exercise doesn’t often top the list of priorities. So to provide our Team with convenient resources  to achieve this balance, we have an on-site gym with a range of exercise equipment and machines available.   

Each week, employees have the opportunity for a one-hour PT session with our in-house Personal Trainer Brooke, who creates a personalised fitness plan for every employee to achieve their fitness goals – and make sure we’re doing those burpees properly 😉  

We understand that the gym isn’t everyone’s preference – so we have a Wellbeing Allowance to support employees who prefer alternative physical activities. The Wellbeing Allowance can be used for concession cards, group exercise classes, sport team’s subscriptions, supplements and anything wellbeing related.   

Why we do this?  

 Exercise helps enhance your body’s ability to transfer glucose and oxygen throughout your brain and body, which increases your energy levels. After a workout, employees return fresh and better focused on their jobs.  

 At IT Partners one of our six core values is supporting employee-wellbeing which is why we take wellbeing seriously. Investing in your employee’s wellbeing will not only support them to live a healthier lifestyle, but they will also be more happy and productive.