When it comes to cybersecurity the weakest link for your business is your team. From falling for phishing emails, clicking unsafe links, downloading malicious documents, to having poor password hygiene, employees are a company’s greatest liability when it comes to cybersecurity.

The Current Threat Landscape

We are currently seeing an influx of cyber-criminal activity targeting end-users such as your employees. This includes phishing emails that are well worded, setting them apart from many other phishing campaigns you may have seen previously.

An example can be seen below:

In this example, once you have clicked through many screens, including those that ask for your username and password, it downloads a legitimate building plan for a building in NZ. This shows that this campaign is focused on getting credentials for NZ businesses.

Given this increased level of activity, it is important for you to consider how to minimise this risk.

Cybersecurity Awareness for Your Team

Education and Training

It is critical that you educate your employees about cybersecurity topics such as:
• Why cybersecurity is important?
• What you are doing to keep your business secure online
• What cyber threats they may be exposed to?
• What this means for them and what you need them to do?

Training your staff to understand the kind of security risks your business faces will make them more likely to spot attacks and report them ahead of time. Training can be provided through varying medians such as presentations, interactive discussions, or educational videos.


There are tools that can be used to test your end user’s cybersecurity competence through phishing simulations. These tests will attempt to bait your employees into performing an action, for example:
• Opening and email attachment
• Clicking a link
• Transferring funds
• Providing confidential information

Following the testing, a comprehensive overview of the simulations results will be provided, displaying total users caught, testing coverage, and organisational trends.

This will empower you with an understanding of your teams’ level of cybersecurity competence, enabling you to determine whether further training will be necessary. To maintain a high level of vigilance among your employees, regular testing is also highly recommended!

Regular Reminders:

Like mutating organisms, cybersecurity threats are continuously evolving meaning it is important to provide your team with regular reminders. Having frequent conversations will empower your employees with up-to-date know-how on how to recognise and mitigate a cyber-threat.

When it comes to cybersecurity the question that remains is as an individual, company or enterprise, are you doing enough? What efforts are you putting into getting your employees on board with current matters to do with cybersecurity?

Frequent and gradual training, testing, and reminders for your team is a necessity when it comes to cybersecurity defence. If this falls outside of your internal level of expertise, the IT Partners team is here to help! You can get in touch via email or phone 07 957 2650.