At IT Partners we see the importance and value in strengthening team relationships. For us, positive working relationships not only create an enjoyable work environment but also play a key role in building a happy and collaborative team.

We see immeasurable value from investing in opportunities to strengthen our team relationships, this includes having regular company wide events. Explored below are some of the many benefits we have noticed from these events.

1. Celebration, team spirit, and fun

Company events create an opportunity to celebrate your teams’ successes. They also reinforce the value you place on having fun and enjoying each other’s company. These moments flow into the work environment, enhancing both company spirit and work ethic.

2. Culture

Team events can help to reinforce the values and vision of your company, while contributing to your organisations culture overall. It is important to ask yourself, what type of event would emphasise your company’s core values? For example, does it encourage well being, provide a challenge, or promote family.

3. Communication

We all aspire to create a friendly work environment, where staff can interact with anyone. Team events can help break down communication barriers which will enhance efficiency and productivity.

4. Team work and collaboration

Spending time in an informal environment encourages interaction between colleagues in different business units, getting to know each other both professionally and personally. Collaborative experiences can enable your team to uncover and utilise their natural strengths, driving mutual respect throughout the team.

 5. Trust

Challenging team events can encourage trust which is the foundation for every good relationship. If your team trusts each other, they can be open and honest in their thoughts and actions, without having to waste time and energy ‘watching their back’.

Our goal is to organise regular and quality events for our team, and when possible their partners and families. We recently took our team to the Vector Wero Whitewater Park – what an experience! The adrenaline filled rafting trip was followed by a delicious BBQ lunch. The bus ride home was full of excited chatter, reminiscing on the incredible experience that challenged us both physically and mentally.

We hope you experience the same success as we have in strengthening our working relationships. Company events provide an excellent opportunity to show you team how valuable they are, while improving team work, collaboration, and trust.