Victoria Smith (Financial Wellbeing Partner BNZ Waikato)
Over the past four years, I have seen many trends impacting on the day-to-day engagement of workforce employees.  Lack of time to address own financial needs, the availability of instant finance, peer pressure to name but a few.  Then came the Pandemic.  Employers had to look at digitising their operation, connecting with their team remotely and worrying about what the future had in store.

Two years on, finds us more familiar with the virtual world, however our focus on mid to long term goals, in many cases seems non-existent.  We need to be able to take control of our finances to gain stronger financial security, work within our income and look forward to building an asset base for later life.  Financial well-being is a very important part of our overall well-being.  Supporting your team in creating a brighter future, will also help retain them too.

I have had the pleasure of working with IT Partners, a local business where workplace fulfilment has been an integral part of their forward-thinking strategy. Below are some key drivers for keeping a positive work environment:

IT Partners

IT Partners are an experienced team of professionals providing IT support for medium to large-sized businesses predominantly in the Waikato. There is an extensive range of benefits that support the team’s financial wellbeing, Andrew Johnson (Managing Director) knows that healthy financial well-being through education and support among the team ensures productivity remains high.

IT Partners Financial Benefits

IT Partners provide support to their team in the following areas…

  • Top quartile salaries

We look at industry stats, recruitment data and we make sure we are consistently paying in the upper quartile, and are prepared to adjust any time, to make sure we are meeting the market for A players.

  • Wellness Allowance

Prioritising health & well-being and creating lifelong well-being habits has immense value for all aspects of your life. So, to encourage you to take ownership of your physical and mental health & wellbeing, we offer a Wellness Allowance to assist with any medical or wellbeing related purchases.

  • Clothing Allowance

Looking professional costs money, we provide our employees with an annual clothing allowance to help with this.

  • Unlimited home internet connection through Lightwire

An unlimited home internet connection is available to our Team from the best provider in town Lightwire.

  • 4% Kiwisaver

We contribute and match to 4% of your Kiwisaver contributions.

  • First Homeowner Contribution

For A players, we recognise that taking that first big step and committing to buying your own home is a big deal, we help with a one-off contribution (up to $7500) to your deposit.

  • Financial Education

Partnerships with BNZ and other financial providers give the team a chance to focus on their financial literacy and set themselves up for the future.

  • Training budget

Each employee receives a training budget to invest in their future. Whether this is technical, soft skills etc. we are happy to invest in whatever the team feels will best benefit them.

  • The curveball fund

A dedicated budget to support our people through the unexpected emotional or financial curve balls that life can throw at us (for example special leave, one-off payment to support a substantial unexpected bill).

Quote from Kelcy

“The benefits and educational resources IT Partners provide, like regular financial workshops with BNZ, have allowed me to both save for a deposit and feel well informed when starting the mortgage application process. As a result of this support, I was recently able to purchase my first home!”