We all know how hard it can be to run productive, insightful meetings all of the time. With the multitude of factors involved in running a great meeting it’s easy for things to go wrong.  One way to make a meeting more productive can be as simple as a change of location.

Five key Benefits of Taking Your Meeting Offsite:

Face-To-Face Engagement

We live in a world where we can communicate regularly, quickly and inexpensively through email, instant messaging, video conferencing, calling and live editing. This technology is priceless in working with remote teams and multiple office locations, but meeting in person brings a whole new level of understanding and bonding that requires the subtleties of body language and face-to-face contact.  To add to the experience you could also share a meal – research shows that encouraging teams to share a meal can build higher-performing, more cohesive teams.


By taking your meeting offsite, you eliminate physical and mental distractions that can take up valuable time and brain space when you need to focus.   This ability to focus more intently will lead to your offsite meeting being more productive.

Exposure to New Technology

Heading offsite can provide you with some new and exciting amenities.  For example, at IT Partners we have a Click-Share device that makes it easy to quickly share your screen on the projector with minimal set up. Using this technology can either inspire you to upgrade your own meeting room services or confirm that using external meeting spaces regularly is something that will suit your business.

Encourages Creativity

Many people feel inspired and refreshed by a change of scenery.  If you are wanting your team to get their creative juices flowing then find a space that is modern, full of light and has plenty of space. Shifting to a new space pushes your brain outside of familiarity and encourages a new way of thinking.

Conduct Sensitive Meetings

There may be times when you need to have a sensitive or confidential meeting.  In this instance it can be beneficial to perform them outside of your normal work surroundings. Choose a space that is appropriate, professional and feels like an even playing field for everyone, this will help to ensure that conversations flow easily.

Don’t forget that if the meeting is going to take all day you need to ensure you have planned meals, snacks and beverages.  Hunger and thirst are detrimental to anyone’s focus.

Here at IT Partners, we have two larger meeting rooms available for our clients to use if they want to have an off-site meeting. All meeting rooms are flooded with natural light and are equipped with projectors, white boards, coffee machines, and Click-Share devices.

If you would like to know how to make your meetings more effective and productive our Better Meetings Guide is free to download.

If you are a client that would like to book one of our meeting rooms, please contact us at [email protected] or speak to your Account Manager.