We pride ourselves on our award-winning office and are constantly looking for new ways to keep it looking fresh. Like the ever-changing technology we work with, we believe a work environment operates the same whereby constant improvement creates efficiency and value.

Some might ask why a forest themed wall? Greenery has been proven to trigger creative thinking and reduce stress levels.  Here at IT Partners we place an emphasis on employee wellbeing and productivity and aim for our work spaces to reflect that. A vibrant space like this also acts as a Team meeting space to bounce new ideas of one another and encourage creative thinking.

Working at the same desk, with the same people around you can create a sense of flow. But changing your workspace from time to time can promote creativity. Shifting to a new space pushes your brain outside of familiarity and encourages a new way of thinking. With the soft touch of greenery, thinking becomes more comprehensive and forms in a natural manner.

Since the recent revamp of our library space, the couches are regularly used for team huddles, creative writing, project planning, and of course a quiet place to read one of the great books at hand.