IT Partners re-installs Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on new machines, so that we get a consistent client experience, known set of drivers, and only the software that we want on the machines. In our experience this lowers support calls and costs.

Some IT companies and IT managers, are willing to take the standard install shipped pre-installed from the manufacturer, whilst this is an initial time and cost saving, our analysis is that it doesn’t stack up when you look at total cost of ownership.

Recently people got caught out by Lenovo pre-installing spyware on the standard laptop image that they ship – controversy exists as to how much Lenovo knew about what they were doing and the potential impact. A good video on the subject, can be found here and an article from Wired magazine here. You may be thinking about why is this important? With SSL security compromised, this impacts the security of what you do online, one of the biggest risks being online or corporate internet banking.

If you have purchased a Lenovo laptop recently suggest you immediately follow these steps.

Because we have scale and this is almost a daily activity for us, we use Microsoft Windows Deployment Services (WDS), to find out more about this technology, see this TechNet article.

Key points:

  1. Business environment: insist on machines being re-imaged
  2. If you are an IT Manager, ask for help and have WDS installed onsite
  3. We recommend HP