If you’ve got a website that isn’t mobile-friendly, you really should fix it. Beginning 21st April, Google put a new search algorithm in place that lowers the search result ranking of websites that don’t work properly on mobile devices.

This is a big deal for two reasons; firstly, these days a majority of traffic for many websites comes from mobile devices and secondly, it’s actually a surprise that it’s taken this long for the change to happen. There’s nothing worse than ending up on a desktop site on your phone – it’s enough to make you switch to another more user friendly website – so you really should consider updating your website to a mobile friendly version.

You can find Google’s recommendations here for a mobile responsive website. You can also test your website using this tool.

Remember being mobile responsive does not only relate to your phone, it is about your website being able to seamlessly adapt itself to all devices it could be viewed on. So have a think about how your website will look on an Apple iPad or other devices.