A Danish start-up has found the solution to great customer support and after sales service and IT Partners is helping growing Waikato firms with implementation.

At IT Partners, one of the key services we offer our clients is the upkeep of their IT systems. We provide IT support to ensure each system runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible so our clients can get on with their business. After all, IT hassles are the last thing you need.

But our clients are an ambitious lot, which is good, because we are too. They’re continually looking at ways to improve their operations, identifying new opportunities and improving the experiences of their customers. And, as they work to achieve these growth aspirations, we’re there with them, looking at ways to enhance the running of their business.

Finding the right system

Through our combined experience we have accumulated a huge body of knowledge around a multitude of business systems. This means we can give a view as to what works and what doesn’t, as well as some alternative options to think about.

We recently helped a business who wanted a better insight into the ad hoc customer service requests they were getting. The number of requests was growing and it was important they not only managed this growth, but controlled the cost, all while providing great after sales service.

After discovering what the issues were, and what data they needed to capture to add real value, our team of experts made some recommendations. We suggested an integrated solution that utilized the experience and technical ability across the whole of the IT Partners Group here in Hamilton. This involved making some telecommunications changes, some internal system changes and adding some new systems, one of which was Zendesk.


Zendesk (www.zendesk.com) aims to bridge the gap between a company and its customers. The helpdesk platform, which was started by three friends in Denmark who wanted to bring some ‘zen’ to the world of customer support, boasts that it “makes it easy to support customers when they need your help” but also makes it easy for customers to  “help themselves when they don’t.”

We’re impressed with Zendesk. It’s customer service software that works, from a company that stands by its brand promise. What’s more, it’s easy to use, which is always a bonus.

Alternative solutions

Innovation and entrepreneurialism are synonymous with the IT industry. And here at IT Partners, we love discovering new products and services that can bring about significant benefits to our clients. If your business needs some out of the box thinking, or you just want to see how we could approach your business technology problems differently, talk to your IT Partners’ rep today.

  • Zendesk is priced per user or agent. Details of pricing can be found here.
  • The story of Zendesk is well worth a read. The book, Startupland , is available here or if you’d just like a summary, we recommend you read this.
  • zendesk.com