Ata Rangi Pastoral|Cloud Solutions

Background :

Ata Rangi Pastoral LP needed to get their new business up and running quickly. They had multiple new staff starting at once, requiring office management systems over multiple sites, and a large project in front of them – developing over 5000ha of land into dairy production. There was limited time and no budget for large servers, shared folders or timely setups.

Ata Rangi Pastoral needed a business partner that understood what it was like to be a start-up business requiring future-proofed business solutions. The need from day one was to ensure that the business systems put in place would withstand all of the demands placed on a start-up business, including urgent implementation.

Solution :

Having the ability to work from, and access company information, at its multiple locations meant Ata Rangi Pastoral agreed Office365 was the right solution for them. Having the flexibility to work across a number of different devices, like Windows 8 laptops, Android, and iOS devices from any location without the complexity of remote access solutions means Ata Rangi Pastoral has big business solutions without significant overheads.

With staff located all over the country Ata Rangi Pastoral also needed a common place to store their data that was easily accessible to all staff. DropBox for Business offered both ease of use and familiarity.

“IT Partners recommended the establishment of Dropbox which has made multiple sites linked for a small business possible.  We are now focused on cloud storage with Dropbox, reinforcing minimal paper copies, increasing our efficiency, increasing internal communication and reducing our operational risk around fire, natural disasters, shifting offices or errand staff.” Stephen Veitch – General Manager.

With such a large project, communication on the farm and at the project offices was key. IT Partners also partnered Ata Rangi Pastoral with Lightwire who quickly rolled out internet and phone solutions to Ata Rangi’s remote locations.

The combination of Office365 and DropBox has allowed a team that is separated by location to work as though they were in the same building, enabling them to just get on with the project.

Result :

“Thanks to the team at IT Partners, I was able to focus on the project while they took care of the technical details and implementation. Our cloud-based solutions allow us to get on with business wherever we are. We love the convenience, security and cost efficiencies we get with Office365 and DropBox.”

“IT Partners also allocated an experienced, commercially savvy, client relationship manager who guided our implementation to meet our “just get it sorted” requirement, with a proactive approach to cost management. This built a lot of trust.” Stephen Veitch – General Manager.

Ata Rangi Pastoral LP