Greenlea Premier Meats

Greenlea is a family owned beef processing business that exports to 30 countries, and is dedicated to excellence in all its endeavours. “The business has a unique achievement-based culture. It is very special, we aim to be good at what we do”, says CEO Tim Aitken.

Problem : Too busy fighting fires

The board of premium beef processors, Greenlea Premier Meats, wanted to ensure they were investing sufficiently and appropriately in IT. They needed a comprehensive strategic review, but their IT department was already fully occupied with day-to-day problem solving.

Solution : “IT Partners gave us fresh eyes”

To provide the additional manpower, they engaged IT Partners. Andrew’s team carried out a complete systems audit and made a series of strategic recommendations to help Greenlea prepare for the future. “They gave us fresh eyes”, says CEO Tim Aitken.

Result : “Having that intellectual horsepower on tap is invaluable”

Greenlea continue to use IT Partners in a consultative role, and Tim has been impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. But most of all, he appreciates the fresh insights they bring to the business. “Having that intellectual horsepower on tap is invaluable.”