Make Better Decisions with Technology

Decision making, essential for both leadership and life, is arguably the most important skill of all for running a successful business.

Making the best decisions for your business relies on several factors, including ensuring decision-fatigue in the rest of your life isn’t compromising your ability to think and decide clearly and quickly at work.

Technology to the rescue!  Here are some iPhone apps that help you take care of the little things and build your decision-making muscles, so you can get it right where it really counts.

ChoiceMap helps you make better decisions by turning complexity and confusion into clear rationale, identified priorities and recommended options.

DecisionBuddy guides you through a fast, easy process to make all your typical daily decisions, and can be used for group or individual decisions.

Intuition Journal is for those who require a more in-tune approach, with intuition-building techniques and exercises at your fingertips to increase the power and accuracy of your own natural guidance system.  With a recent Harvard study reporting that 80% of executives credit their success to their intuition, it’s worth investing time in.

We don’t recommend you make important business (or life) decisions using an app, but technology can still greatly assist your business decisions in other ways, by:
• Automating repetitive tasks

• Processing large quantities of information

• Reporting trends and insights

• Alerting you to issues needing urgent attention
At IT Partners we use technology to make decisions as fast and easy as possible ourselves – just give us a call to discuss how some of these things can aid great decisions in your business too.