Simcro|Managed Services

Simcro are leaders in the design and manufacture of agricultural and animal health delivery systems.  Its products are used by clients around the world and its brand has become the global benchmark for delivering animal health products.

Problem : “Our people care about what happens in the foreground, not the background”

Nigel Hazelwood, Finance & Operations Manager at Simcro, says “in our business, what matters to staff is that their computers turn on and everything works perfectly every day.  To meet this expectation requires that our back-office systems run continuously without a hitch.”
Simcro’s IT systems must not only support its domestic staff, but also need to provide a seamless link for staff travelling and working overseas.

Solution : Complete trust is crucial

Simcro has been a key client of IT Partners for four years and Nigel says the great working relationship has been the result of one thing – complete trust.  “I’ve been in my role since the start of 2009 and during that time, we’ve set up a lot of new systems.  We’ve virtualised our servers, we’ve installed a variety of new software and we’ve generally tightened up our IT approach.
“IT Partners has worked with us every step of the way and we have complete confidence in them.   They ensure everything that needs to work in the background runs smoothly and when there’s an issue they respond quickly.”.

Result : “IT Partners made recommendations and we listen”

After years of working together, the end result is that IT Partners continue to offer Simcro a high level of IT support and takes a proactive solutions approach.  “It’s pretty simple – they make recommendations and we listen.  They are extremely proactive – if they think we could benefit from a new piece of software, they let us know.
“Our account manager knows our business intimately and if he’s unavailable, IT Partners has the depth in its staff to ensure anyone can step up and get a job done when there are time pressures involved.  I’ve worked with a number of IT companies over the years, and can say that IT Partners is one of the best.”