Vazey Child|Server Upgrade and Implementation

Vazey Child is a Hamilton firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors that has grown rapidly in recent years with clients across New Zealand and a team of 20 plus staff.

Problem : How to switch servers without disrupting business?

An IT Strategic Planning Review identified that Vazey Child’s servers would not be able to keep pace with the company’s rapid growth. But how could they change servers without disrupting business?

Solution : Extensive testing ahead of the switch

IT Partners conducted migration testing at their own premises ahead of the changeover. This process allowed IT Partners to identify any bugs in the safety of the testing environment and to minimise the disruption to the client.

Result : “The switch in servers was absolutely seamless”

To further smooth the transition, IT Partners performed the switch after-hours and Vazey Child resumed business as usual the next morning. “The switch was absolutely seamless from our point of view”, says Partner, Philip Child. “But, more importantly, we made the switch before the old servers started to compromise our growth. That’s the benefit of the quarterly Strategic Planning sessions we have with Andrew. We now stay ahead of the curve.”