Who we are

IT Partners are more than just your IT support team; we’re your partner in business.  We specialise in thinking differently and taking a whole business view. That’s why we manage your IT systems and leverage the technology and telecommunications in the way that best supports your business needs, goals, and growth.  Like IT, business is a system of interrelated, moving, changing parts that ultimately – must deliver value. We live this every day, and help you live it too.

IT Partners make a great business partner because:

We are proactive

The IT industry moves fast and we strive to give our clients a commercial advantage. This means we work on staying ahead of the technology curve, and seek ways to bring you along with us. It also means we set up and manage your existing IT with the future in mind.

We add value

We are not interested in technology for technology’s sake. Our focus is on giving you only the systems and solutions that improve your business performance and profitability – and we’ll teach you how to get the most out of them. We show you how your IT services and support can be more than just an overhead – by delivering efficiencies and productivity.

We are responsive

When problems do occur we’ll be on your doorstep, or working remotely, to fix the problem fast, and communicate where we are at with the job. It is our job to minimise IT frustration and disruptions to your business. We also want to know what’s going well, what we can improve, and anything else you might need, we work with you so that we can take action to remove roadblocks and disruption to your business.

Our Team

IT Partners are an experienced team of professionals providing IT support for medium-to-large sized businesses throughout New Zealand, with a focus on the Waikato Region. We make it our priority to understand our client’s business first and foremost, and then fit technology, solutions and services around their needs to deliver outcomes that ‘just work’.

We combine our collective knowledge and expertise to ensure the job is done right the first time, to help your business perform efficiently, productively, and profitably now and into the future.

Meet the Team


Bevan Lindsey
Bevan Lindsey Head of Technology & Consulting

07 9741708

Kristy Cook
Kristy Cook Head of People & Culture

07 957 2655

Maree Barker
Maree Barker Finance Manager

07 957 2652

Nick Dinan
Nick Dinan Head of Sales and Marketing
07 970 0215
Tim Bixley
Tim BixleyHead of Engineering

07 957 2653


Jason Walker
Jason WalkerSenior Account & Business Development Manager
07 957 2659
Chris Musgrave
Chris MusgraveAccount & Business Development Manager

07 974 1705

Gareth Nuzum
Gareth NuzumAccount & Business Development Manager

07 839 8586

Siobhan Nuzum
Siobhan NuzumAccount Manager
07 974 9315
Kelcy Ballantyne
Kelcy BallantyneMarketing Coordinator
07 974 1702
Janey Hanna
Janey HannaSales Intern

07 974 1706


Art Grochala
Art GrochalaBusiness Analyst

 07 970 0214

Sam Woolerton
Sam Woolerton Analyst

 07 974 1709


Nicolene Crear
Nicolene CrearOffice Coordinator
 07 957 2657
Felicity Hunter
Felicity HunterAdministrator

 07 957 2650

Kaitlin Grenside
Kaitlin GrensideFinance Assistant

07 839 8582

Beki Diamond
Beki DiamondFinance Assistant

07 974 1703

Dannielle Cook
Dannielle CookPeople & Culture Team Member

07 839 8585

Tayla Marriner
Tayla MarrinerPersonal Trainer & Wellness Coordinator

07 974 1701

Emerson Deverell
Emerson DeverellIntern

07 974 1706

Kimberley Rear
Kimberley Rear Intern

07 974 1706

Casey Hamlin
Casey Hamlin Intern
07 974 1706


Carl Buckley
Carl BuckleySenior Systems Engineer

07 957 2656

Dan McCarthy
Dan McCarthy Senior Systems Engineer

07 974 9316

Daniel Ebbett
Daniel EbbettSenior Systems Engineer

07 974 9317

Gerard McLaren
Gerard McLarenSenior Systems Engineer

07 970 0213

James Taylor
James TaylorSenior Systems Engineer

07 974 9310

Kyle Carter
Kyle Carter Senior Systems Engineer & Complex Escalations Guru

07 957 2658

Lance Wright
Lance Wright Head of First Line Support & Senior Systems Engineer

07 974 9311

Nick Staines-Hawthorne
Nick Staines-Hawthorne Senior Systems Engineer

07 974 9318

Owen McKenzie
Owen McKenzieSenior Systems Engineer

07 970 0211

Rinie Lazet
Rinie LazetSenior Systems Engineer

07 974 9314


Chris Jones
Chris JonesSystems Engineer

07 974 1704

Marcus Ibanez
Marcus IbanezSystems Engineer

07 957 2654

Richard Way
Richard WaySystems Engineer

07 974 1700

Wikus Ferreira
Wikus FerreiraSystems Engineer

07 839 8587


Jason Crear
Jason CrearFirst Line Engineer

07 839 8584

Mike Davis
Mike Davis First Line Engineer

07 974 1707

Nathan Pillai
Nathan PillaiFirst Line Engineer

07 974 9312

Willem van Noordt
Willem van NoordtJunior Engineer

07 970 0212