How we work

At IT Partners, we pride ourselves on offering expert consultancy and support for your IT solutions. We want to ensure your IT services are set up to help you get great business returns.That’s why we offer a range of solutions from server management to network security, disaster recovery to IT consulting.

IT is what we do, it’s what we do well and it’s how we can help you.

Managed IT Services employee

Managed IT

  • IT Strategy & Professional Services
  • IT Support & Solutions
  • High Speed Internet
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Mobility
  • Network Security
  • Server Management
  • Disaster Recovery

IT – it’s something every business needs, and we’re not just saying that because we’re in the IT market. From emails to mobile devices, data storage to communicating with your customers, IT is integral to your business success.

But we’re also aware that not everyone understands what they need from their IT system. That’s where we can help.

By working with you and understanding your business, we can advise you on the best IT solutions to meet your needs. But we don’t stop there. Our advice comes with a total IT response service. We offer complete IT management, no matter how big or small your IT solutions are, and we provide full-time on-call support.

How we support you

At IT Partners we want to make your dealings with us as seamless as possible.  That’s why we have multiple tiers of support and systems in place to ensure that your issue is resolved quickly.

All of our managed clients are given a dedicated Senior Systems Engineer. They will know your site like the back of their hand. They have your business’ best interests at heart so if they see an opportunity for improvement they will be on to it. They may not always do the physical work but they are always guiding the process, and ensuring the best for your company.
Our First Line Support Team specialise in all of the common desktop requirements from setting up new users in Outlook, building new laptops, desktop and thin clients, and application problems to name just a small section of what they cover. They also perform the very important job of looking after our multiple backup systems and monitoring. They can be reached directly on our First Line Support – call 07 957 2657 or email [email protected].
The best way to log a job with us. When a ticket is created a notification is immediately sent to a team of engineers who will triage the job and complete the job or assign it to right engineer to resolve it as quickly as possible. This portal also enables you to track how a ticket is going and review previous tickets – all with information direct from the Engineers finger tips.
All managed clients sites are fully documented. That means we have a centralised systems that holds everything about how your system is set up and run. Making this information available to the whole team means that anyone of our engineers can support you.
Although we are strong advocates for all of our clients being able to contact us directly realistically this isn’t always the fastest and best option to get your technical issue or query addressed as soon as possible – that’s why we have so many support options available to you!
All managed clients have an Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be the person that oversees every aspect of your partnership with IT Partners.
Managed IT Services board room
IT Partners transformed a tired IT platform into a future proofed value added solution

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An animal health delivery company who know that trust in your IT provider is crucial

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