Time can begin to feel like a scarce resource if you are not using it pro-actively.

Trivial tasks such as emails can start to get in the way of spending quality, focused time on more important projects.

Microsoft MyAnalytics is an Office365 add-on, that provides insightful information about your working habits. It understands when and where you are spending or losing time. This can help you create a positive change and become more productive within your day.

The MyAnalytics data is sourced from Exchange Online Email, Outlook Calendar and Skype for Business, and is displayed on a personalised dashboard in your Outlook.

The dashboard summarises how your time has been divided between meetings, emails, uninterrupted working time, and even shows which colleagues you spend the most time working with.

The Benefits of MyAnalytics:

MyAnalytics can help you to prioritise your time, eliminate distractions and manage relationships with important people. There are many benefits which can help change your working style in a positive way:

Summarises your division of working time

Being able to summarise the amount of time you have spent on certain tasks at the end of each week helps you to plan and improve your allocated task time for the coming week.

Identifies which colleagues’ individuals spend the most time working with

This can help managers, for example, analyse their working relationships and identify who they may need to spend more time with. It can also show who they may need to give better instruction to, in order to reduce time-consuming discussions regarding minor tasks.

Identifies after-hours working

This can provide an indication as to how you are balancing your work and personal life. It often feels as though there aren’t enough hours during work to get tasks done, but this can be because of the way you use your time. MyAnalytics helps you to discover where you are being unproductive, so you can keep a healthy work-life balance.

Determines who a person has made commitments to or received requests from

This feature allows you to calculate the turnaround time for communicating with your colleagues meaning you can identify which methods of contact are most efficient. It also means you are more aware of requests that are time-sensitive, which can help teams work more effectively.

Alerts people to outstanding to-do’s

My Analytics acts like your own personal assistant. It shows where you may need to plan a meeting, when you need to get a task done, or who you need to reply to. These reminders are a great way to keep the ball rolling and achieve tasks within a shorter time frame.

To create better habits, it is important to book in ‘focus time’ so that for those allocated minutes or hours you can reach a deep-thinking state without being interrupted. Therefore, allowing you to tackle your biggest tasks, uninterrupted.

By reflecting on the data produced by My Analytics, time at work will become more productive, allowing you to create new habits and optimise your working weeks. Microsoft offer a range of useful MyAnalytics learning modules that will help you make use of the data it produces.