At IT Partners we pride ourselves on the service we deliver. By receiving regular feedback from clients, we can identify areas for improvement, while building upon our strengths.  

Customer Thermometer is a satisfaction tool we use to track the support our Engineering Team delivers. By integrating Customer Thermometer into our work practices, we gather real time, actionable feedback.   

How does Customer Thermometer work?  

Once a support ticket has been closed, a notification email is sent to the client with a one click rating scale, asking clients to ‘take a few moments to rate us on our performance in completing this work’: 

Customer feedback and satisfaction rating scale

The click leads to a ‘thank you’ page where optional additional feedback can be provided. Ensuring we are keeping track of client satisfaction without overwhelming clients with page long surveys or disruptive phone calls.  


Happiness Factor and Net Promoter Score (NPS) 

Using responses from the rating scale, we are able to calculate two key metrics. The first being ‘Happiness Factor’, a simple metric for gauging satisfaction. It is calculated by dividing the number of ‘ecstatic’ and ‘happy’ responses by the total number of responses.  

‘Net promoter score’ (NPS), is the second, a metric used to measure client experience, specifically assessing the loyalty of clients to a company.   

The widgets seen below are our Happiness Factor and NPS scores for August 2021. Both metrics show a steady increase when compared to July, emphasising that even during disruptive periods like lockdowns, our support does not wane.  


Many of our clients also provide additional feedback after responding to the on click rating scale.  

Examples of comments from clients provided in August 2021 (anonymised):  

  • “Thank you for your patience with my lack of IT skills & helping make my day better by sorting out my email issue.” 
  • “Great quick service. Sorted issue straight away, awesome.”
  • “Super-duper service.”  
  • “Excellent communication and prompt service.”  
  • “I am not very computer savvy; the engineer was very patient and understanding and helped to answer my questions without rushing through things.”  
  • “Appreciate your help on a Covid lockdown crazy day.” 

If you feel as though your team could benefit from a higher level of IT support, reach out to IT Partners via email or phone 07 957 2650. We are here to solve your IT complexities, to ensure you can get on with business.