When we talk to business owners today, two common themes often crop up: How we can deliver a better user experience and how we can protect a company’s intellectual property.

The two topics are closely intertwined. In this day and age of mobile and remote working, your teams are often working outside the company network. But they need to be able to easily access all the important business information within your company.
New Zealand businesses are seeking ways to offer a better user experience – providing them with more flexibility while also helping them to be more productive – while still ensuring their devices are easy to manage, safe and secure, and that the company’s IP is well protected.

In part, the changes are being driven by millennials, who are transforming how we all work. They have the expectation that they can take their laptop and work from anywhere, be it a couch in the office, a cafe or a client’s business. And they expect to be able to do that without it being a hindrance to them delivering on their KPIs.

Microsoft 365 extends the benefits of Office 365, with upgraded security and device management – whilst at the same time providing a better user experience through well thought-out self-service tools for the end user – this not only aids productivity but reduces the support burden on the IT team.

So what does this mean in practical terms for you?

Microsoft 365 has a layer of security to protect against the likes of malware and viruses, with links checked in real-time, AI-powered attachment scanning to detect zero-day malware and monitoring for suspicious processes like ransomware.

But securing against malware is just one part of the equation. Microsoft 365 also has built-in mobile device management, which helps secure and manage devices including iPhones, iPads and Androids, as well as Windows devices.

You can identify, monitor and automatically protect sensitive information across the Office suite of applications using Microsoft 365’s data loss prevention rules, identifying sensitive information across locations such as Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive and preventing the accidental sharing of information by blocking emails containing sensitive information being sent or blocking access to the document.

It’s easy to create and manage device security policies, remotely wipe devices and, something that is increasingly important as compliance requirements increase, view detailed device reports. Device lost? You can remote wipe to ensure no company data is seen. Staff member working from a potentially not-so-secure public wifi? You can ensure that when they’re outside your trusted network, they can only access certain company applications.

One feature which attracted interest at a recent event we held was the ability to apply restrictions such as ‘do not forward’ to emails, as well as documents. Kiwi companies are keen to ensure emails with their sensitive data aren’t sent – mistakenly or otherwise – where they shouldn’t be.

As an added bonus

You can help educate your staff about your company policy by ensuring that whenever someone tries to share sensitive information, they automatically receive an email notification including a policy tip in the context of the document library that allows them to override the policy if they have justification.

We’re also seeing a lot of interest in second-factor authentication, requiring a second form of verification in order to sign in. If someone is taking their device outside the company network, for example, you might want to require a second authentication, such as a text being sent to their mobile phone with a login code.

In deploying Microsoft 365, the organisation is better protected against new and emerging threats, has greater levels of control over the data and the devices that their users use – without stifling productivity!

If you are in charge of your company’s IT or a business owner and would like to hear more about Microsoft 365, we have partnered with Microsoft New Zealand for a seminar on Productivity in the Modern Workplace. Microsoft Cloud Specialist for SMB, Paul Bowkett, will be presenting on how to become more productive with digital transformation in the modern workplace using Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Azure. The event will include demonstrations and we’ll have Surface devices on hand for you to try.

If you would like to register your interest for one of these events, or would simply like to have a chat about how Microsoft’s products can support your business needs, please email us or call us on 07 957 2650.