Up until a month ago one of our biggest productivity issues was around interruptions. The problem was, we all had our own ideas of what was “urgent” based on the work we were doing at the time. So we’d get up from our desks, wander over to the other side of the office (or even just yell) and tap the person on the shoulder to get the answer we wanted. This wasn’t working, and neither were the piles of emails in our Inbox’s.

So we started to look at other ways to address this, and we discovered Slack – a messaging app for teams, and everyone has been raving about the change. It allows people to respond in their own time but without filling your Inbox with emails. It has made us evaluate what really requires an urgent response. You can create multiple ‘channels’ for specific departments or daily tasks for example we have a dailyhuddle that shares with everyone the tasks you will be working on for the day. This helps us plan our days and stop and really plan what is important.

It is free to use at a basic level, with no limits on the number of people. But if you want more functionality, like inviting people outside your organisation to join particular channels (great for project work) then they have 3 pricing options. Give it a go for free, you won’t regret it!