We all know the awkward feeling of ‘no questions’ silence at the end of a presentation.

To increase employee engagement and interaction at meetings, over the last few months we have been trialing Sli.do.

What is Sli.do?

Sli.do is an easy to use Live Q&A and polling solution designed for corporate meetings and events.

It enables you to guide the discussion during meetings, to ensure every agenda is tackled. You can choose to pose questions or polls, with multiple options on how to go about these.

The audience can also pitch in by asking questions or raising relevant topics. To encourage participation, they can anonymously ask question and suggest topics.

The four key reasons why we recommend Sli.do

1. Increased Participation and Engagement

In traditional Q&A, we found only a couple of questions would be asked by our team. This was due to both time limit and the fact that some people don’t like asking questions in front of others. With Sli.do, all team members have a fair chance to place questions and can ask anonymously, creating a safe environment for those who are less confident.

An example recently being when Andrew Johnson, our Managing Director, presented to the wider team. Overall, 10 questions were asked and answered, leading to both a relaxed atmosphere and productive meeting.

2. Participants Remain Attentive

Sometimes in companywide meetings, staff members who come from varying business units, may not be familiar with the topic of discussion or terminology being used. Reading questions posted by others during the presentation has proven to help those who are less engaged remain interested and learn from others’ questions.

3. Focus on Questions of the Greatest Relevance

Often in Q&A questions asked by an individual may be of individual rather than general interest. When using Sli.do we make sure that the speaker focusses on what matters to a significant number of attendees by answering questions that receive the greatest number of likes.

4. Ease of Use

Sli.do provides a simple solution for integrating Q&A technology into meetings. We use the following procedure when creating an event on Sli.do:

  • After logging into sli.do, to set up a Q&A, we click ‘Create event’. We then set the event name, choose a date and change the event code.
  • At the start of each meeting, we introduce Sli.do and provide the events code. Attendees simply go to Sli.do (available on their browser or through an app) and enter the code.
  • From here anyone can ask questions or like suggestions from their peers.

At your next company meeting give it and go, and you’ll be surprised to see audience engagement go through the roof! If you would like to learn more about how we use Sli.do, please reach out to our People and Culture Team at [email protected].