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Disaster Recovery

When it comes to back up solutions IT Partners takes a multi-tiered approach. We use a range of options from offsite daily data backups to 6 monthly full system backups to reduce the risk of data loss and business downtime. Whether it’s a simple file restore to a full system restore we’ve got your back – and your backup.

IT Disaster Recovery services

Studies show that half of businesses never completely recover from catastrophic data loss. Whether you require email archiving, data recovery or a complete system regeneration, as part of our IT solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of IT Disaster Recovery services. These minimise downtime and disruption to your business when disaster strikes.

We can develop a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan for your business that guarantees your reliance on technology doesn’t turn you into a statistic through data and systems loss. This plan will incorporate proactive planning and responsiveness – two key elements to effective disaster recovery.

IT Backup

Whatever your business, reliable and effective backup procedures are critical. Our daily monitoring service ensures first level data safety with a full system backup every six months. This allows us to archive a more complete image of your computer. We also employ this as a safety measure before undertaking any major work to your system. What’s more, we take an hourly snapshot of changes and additions to your system so both system and data recovery is much faster.

Offsite Backup Storage

While a reliable backup procedure is critical, where and how your backups are stored is just as important. We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to keep this backup offsite. At IT Partners we provide offsite backup storage to ensure your business is covered in the event of burglary, fire, flood or any other catastrophic event.

Customised Contingency Solutions

To ensure your most critical business data is safe, your backup is watertight – literally. We partner with business continuity specialists, Plan-b, to create a customised solution for your business. This will incorporate stringent emergency recovery strategies in the event of a disaster.