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Advancements in both device and internet service technology enables us to work from anywhere at any time. Flexible, remote and mobile working now plays a critical role in business success, but this also increases the need for an effective IT driven, business communication process.

Remote Access Services

We offer remote access services allowing you and your staff to work from almost anywhere, using the latest in mobile phone or tablet devices. You’ll have the ability to access your emails, calendar, internal systems and corporate data. This means your staff can be just as productive outside the office as they are in. It will also contribute to your business’s overall productivity and efficiency as well improving response times, which your customers will appreciate.

Terminal Server Solutions

Microsoft Terminal Services enables a consistent end user experience for on-premise as well as remote users. It also elevates security levels to prevent data loss, rather than having remote users’ access and copy company data from around the globe. By reducing the amount of traffic needing to pass across a connection, Terminal Services provide solid desktop connectivity between sites. This ensures your network isn’t placed under strain and that your corporate data doesn’t become exposed to unnecessary risks.