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Network Security

At IT Partners we take security seriously. We don’t take any risks when it comes to providing our clients with a network that is secure and protected. We’ll conduct a security audit and work with you to create a solution that meets your business needs.

Security Solutions

Take a look at the network security measures and internet monitoring services we can provide for your business:

Firewalls – a firewall is your first line of defence against common network security threats and a key component of your network security. Our firewall products provide peace of mind in an increasingly malevolent internet environment.

Threat & Vulnerability Assessment – we can assess the risks to which your network is likely to be exposed, analyse your vulnerabilities, and recommend a plan to keep your network safe and secure.

VPN Support – we deliver scalable VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions that allow you to grow your network as you grow your business.

Web Access Monitoring – tools are available to limit internet usage, restrict access to certain sites, and maintain control of your internet bandwidth usage.

Secure Encrypted Wireless Networks – our Encrypted Wireless Network solutions deliver the flexibility your employees want while preserving data integrity and network access control.

Anti-spam Solutions – get anti-spam solutions and prevent spam from affecting your staff, network security systems, and productivity.

Internet Security – people can be your biggest internet security risk, and inappropriate or negligent internet usage can endanger network security and reduce productivity. We can educate your staff, monitor web access, restrict certain websites, and manage bandwidth usage to ensure secure, efficient internet access across your business.

Email Security – maintain the privacy and security of sensitive corporate emails by using email encryption as part of your overall network security architecture.