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Server Management

IT Partners are able to manage, monitor and maintain your server infrastructure to ensure you get the expected business results.

Microsoft Windows Server Solutions

Windows Server solutions provide a modern, open application platform that meets today’s software application needs with tomorrow in mind. Ideal for smaller and medium sized organisations, it is used to deliver and manage a cost-effective IT infrastructure – either physical, virtual, or cloud hosted (Azure).

Virtualisation Solutions

Virtualisation separates the operating system and hardware to enable elevated resource utilisation rates, improve recovery time and get greater IT system flexibility. This is achieved through our specialisation in VMware virtualisation solutions, cloud hosted servers, or a hybrid of both of these technologies.

Hybrid Solutions

Many businesses are not suitable for the ‘one size fits all’ either on-premise servers or pure cloud hosted solutions. IT Partner are able to design, implement and maintain a hybrid solution customised for your business needs that leverage the benefits of both on-premise and cloud architectures.

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