Everyone wants to be in peak condition, but it takes hard work!  That’s why we do everything we can to remove barriers and support our Team in being as fit and well as possible.  Wellbeing is one of our Core Values and it is the value that affects you the most, but also one that you can influence the most.

We want our employees to own their wellbeing for not only themselves, but their families, their colleagues and their company.

Here are a few key benefits we offer our staff to help support their best possible self:

Wellbeing Allowance:
We provide this allowance to encourage our Team to look at the many ways they can take care of their wellbeing, from home gym equipment to vitamins, mindfulness, massages and even float tank sessions. There are many ways this allowance can benefit our Teams wellbeing.

Medical Allowance:
By removing the financial barrier that can deter people from taking care of their medical needs, we help support our Team get back to optimum health.

Team events:
We have a variety of different events that we hold throughout the year to allow our Team to spend time together outside of the office.  We have wandered through Hobbiton with our families, climbed Mount Tongariro, ran around the bridges and climbed the Huks to name a few.

Financial support:
We don’t want financial burdens to weight heavy on our Teams shoulders therefore, we want to educate our employees and help them plan for their financial future. Thanks to BNZ we can offer our employees a range of financial literacy services without obligation..

EAP: Employee Assistance Program
We know that life isn’t always easy.  For those tough times we have teamed up with EAP to provide our employees with confidential support services and resources to get them back on track.

Onsite Gym
Since 2010 we have provided our Team with a fully equipped onsite gym to revitalise the body and the mind. With the aid of our personal trainers everyone can achieve their fitness goals.

Good nutrition is so important for everyone’s health.  We have healthy snack options for those unexpected hunger pains with fruits, nuts, and popcorn as well as a variety of nutritious Friday lunch options. We also have a series of Nutrition seminars coming up.

Book benefit
Continued development and advancement gives you a rush of good feelings.  Andrew is sharing his love of reading with the Team by introducing a new unlimited book benefit; employees can purchase any professional development book at the company’s expense.

Additional Sick leave
We all know how important rest is when you are  feeling unwell and how quickly symptoms can spread.  To take good care of themselves we offer our Team 20 days of sick leave each year.

Guest Speakers
We offer a range of speakers around Wellbeing with the aim of educating our Team to optimise their physical, mental and financial health.

Flexible Hours
Part of being well is knowing that you can play a part in your families lives while still meeting commitments to the company. We offer flexible working hours, so you can attend that school award ceremony, pick your kids up from daycare or take your Mum to her medical appointment.

In conclusion
We continually review what we do and how to improve so we meet our goal of making it easier for our Team to own their Wellbeing.