With regional borders opening this week, and international borders expected to follow, we thought we would share Andrew’s top technology considerations for travel that can make all the difference.

  1. Device Choice
    Recently we have all been working from home or the office meaning our laptops and mobile devices have likely been plugged into power. Depending on age, they may no longer be up to the job. When traveling it’s a given that there is greater reliance on battery life, especially on mobile. A few suggestions:
    • Consider if you need to take your laptop away with you. The increasing functionality of iPads means you can do almost everything on a more portable device – an instant-on and off keyboard case for iPad’s can also be very helpful.
    • With Apple’s continuous improvement focus, the battery life of an iPhone 13 is significantly better.
    • The MagSafe Duo charger is great for charging both an iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously.
    • The MagSafe Battery Pack can be beneficial for days when power consumption is particularly high.
  1. Cable Management
    Check that you have all the cables and chargers that you need. The BellRoy Tech Kit is ideal for keeping everything organised.
  2. Audio
    If you’re going to be taking calls on the go, we suggest investing in the Jabra 410 or some good earphones.
  3. Data Backup
    Prior to setting off on a big trip, there is no better time to review your data backups. If something happens while you are away, it is important that your backup is up-to-date, and that you know where it is stored.
  4. Utilising OneDrive and SharePoint
    Make sure you are using OneDrive and SharePoint for file storage. This way you can download both apps on your mobile to easily find, edit, and distribute files, all while on the go.
  5. Password Management
    There is nothing worse than being away from your day-to-day device and not being able to operate effectively because you do not have your passwords. Having a password management tool in place provides a seamless way for managing this: Read more about Password Managers here.

Traveling for business is hard – often involving meetings and more meetings, all while keeping up with business as usual. Hopefully some of the considerations above make life a little easier!

Before you go away on a business trip or extended leave, it’s also worth considering whether it presents an opportunity to re-look at the way you work. For example, could you use tools like PowerBI to simplify and consolidate reporting, or DocuSign to streamline processes?

Andrew is more than happy to share his knowledge and experience in this space – just flick him a message on LinkedIn.