In the New Zealand technology sector only 26 percent of the workforce is female. NZ Tech actively acknowledge that more needs to be done to address this gender diversity gap. At IT Partners we recognise the importance of a diverse work force and the benefits this can lead to, such as:

  • Creating solutions for all customer types
  • An array of different knowledge bases
  • Broadened perspective and diversity of thought
  • The adoption of different working styles
  • Increased creativity

We also actively support the diversity initiatives of NZ Tech, such as the 2019 ShadowTech Day.

ShadowTech provides female students in years 9 -11 with an opportunity to experience what working in the technology sector is like, encouraging them into education pathways that lead to roles in technology.

The program connects secondary school students with mentoring Organisations in the technology sector, allowing them to experience a day in the life of an IT Professional. The primary purpose is to educate female students about the wide range of careers and opportunities available to them.

For this year’s ShadowTech Day we hosted two Year 11 Students from Hamilton Girls High School in the IT Partners offices. Throughout the day they spent time with a range of engineers and members of the leadership team. We endeavored to expose them to the many different and exciting aspects that a career in technology can lead to.

The student’s day at the IT Partners offices included:

  • A tour of our workplace
  • An introduction to the vision and purpose of our organisation
  • An explanation of the types of roles at IT Partners
  • An overview of some of the everyday tasks carried out by engineers
  • Sales and marketing discussions
  • A lunch outing which provided an opportunity for sharing personal IT experiences and allowed the students to ask questions

It was a hugely successful experience and great to see the student’s interest in learning about IT Partners and the wider technology industry.