Instead of releasing a new version of Windows every three to five years, as they did with past iterations of the operating system, Microsoft will continually update Windows 10. This can otherwise be referred to as ‘Windows as a service’.  

Windows 10 has been designed for its core components to be updated and changed individually. This is ‘Evergreen IT’, an operating system that is always up to date, removing the need for you to purchase the latest version of Windows. 

Despite this, it is important to be aware of how Windows 10 updates occur in order to ensure your device is safe and secure.  

There are two key types of updates: 

1. Quality Updates 

  • Quality Updates are the mandatory updates that your device downloads and installs automatically every month through the IT Partners end point management tool.  
  • These types of updates do not include new features, visual changes, or significant improvements.  
  • They are maintenance updates meant to fix bugs, errors, and patch security vulnerabilities. 
  • Quality updates download and install faster than feature updates because they come in smaller packages, and don’t require a complete reinstallation of the Office Suite.  

However, the second update type does not occur automatically:  

2. Feature Updates 

  • With Windows 10, Microsoft will package new features into Feature Updates.  
  • Feature updates are released two times per year, around March and September.  
  • If you are 3 updates behind your version of Window 10 is no longer supported by Microsoft
  • This means you will noreceive quality updates that ensure your device is secure and free of bugs.   
  • Feature updates can take anywhere from 35 minutes to two hours, during this time it is not recommended for you to use your PC.  
  • You can either conduct these updates yourself by running the update assistant or have the IT Partners Team carry out the process.  
  • At IT Partners we are proactive with our clients, letting users know before they become 3 updates behind.  

Using the “Windows as a Service” model with Feature and Quality Updates is the new Microsoft approach to ensure that your device can stay secure and current with the latest features and security updates.  

If you have any questions or concerns about Microsoft updates please get in touch with the IT Partners team via email or phone 07 957 2650.