IT Partners are more than just your IT support team, we’re your partner in business. We specialise in thinking differently and taking a whole business view.

For this reason, we endeavour to find ways to support you and your day to day operations.

Here at the IT Partners offices, we have two large meeting rooms available for our clients to use if they would like to have an off-site meeting.

Both meeting rooms include the following features:

  • Adjustable air conditioning
  • A large table space
  • Comfortable seating
  • Excellent natural and artificial lighting options

They are also well equipped with:

We have also identified some of the key benefits of taking your meeting offsite:

  • Increased productivity, as there is a reduction in the likelihood of workplace interruptions.
  • Exposure to new technology, for example using our ClickShare.
  • Greater creativity, as many people feel inspired and refreshed by a change of scenery.
  • Strategic opportunities, as off-site meetings allow employees to step away from daily operations and consider the bigger picture.
  • Improved communication, as a different, perhaps more relaxed environment, will encourage participation from all employees.

If you are an IT Partners client and would like to utilise one of our meeting room spaces, please get in touch with your Account Manager or email [email protected]

To ensure that these offsite meetings are productive feel free to download our Better Meetings Guide.