Our aim is to be one of the most desired places to work by providing our employees with a great career and working environment. An important part of this aim is attracting top-level candidates that our team, clients and suppliers love working with.

When it comes to recruitment, we don’t take a gamble.  We also don’t accept mediocre. Instead, we look for individuals who will add value to our Company (just take a look at our growing list of client offerings), and who genuinely create purpose and meaning in the work they do each day.

So if you’re in the market for a new job, or a future opportunity, here are a few of the key qualities we look for in a candidate:

Be an “A” player

We’re looking for people who are “A” players, or people who are striving to become one. These are high-performing individuals who exhibit exceptional soft skills; communicate openly; and are proactive, dedicated and real. We like people who are driven to succeed.

Know our values

Here at IT Partners, we’re a very values-focused business. Our values set the foundation for what we expect of our people, how we treat each other, how we communicate with our clients, and how we do business. Do you know what they are? Do they resonate and align with you? We like people who align and resonate with our values.

Be authentic

Mildly cliché isn’t it… Not only will you need to “talk the talk”, but proactively “walk the talk”.  We look for genuine individuals who are open-minded, thick-skinned and clear on what spins their wheels.  We also want to hear about scenarios where you have applied these attributes. We like real people.

Be prepared to work hard

We work in a competitive industry, and strive towards being the best. It’s how we’ve got to where we are today – in a purpose built, architecturally-designed building in the heart of Hamilton, with fabulous clients, and a team of committed individuals. There is certainly incentive for working hard, but we also want you to want to work hard. We like dedicated people.

Have an impressive CV

We want to get a sense of who you are from your CV and cover letter. Give us an insight into your personality. Don’t embellish your achievements; just state your accomplishments and be proud of them. Don’t just send us the same old CV you’ve sent to other companies – personalise it. We like transparency.

Do your research

We’ll ask you why you want a job with IT Partners, so have your answer at the ready. We’ll have researched who you are, so research who we are if you’re coming in for an interview. Look at our website, follow us on LinkedIn, read our blog and case studies, and tell us what you like about our company, and what you think we could improve on. We like honesty.

Don’t wing it

Job interviews can be nerve wracking. We get that, but they don’t have to be. All it takes is some preparation. Study some common interview questions and prepare your responses so you can get your key points across. We do things a little differently round here so expect the unexpected. That said, we’ll be happy to answer your questions too. We like people who use good judgement.

Interested in a job at IT Partners? Then please get in contact. We may not have a current position available, but we do have a Virtual Bench and are always looking to have conversations with great candidates that may be looking for future opportunities.