All businesses collect data, some use it constantly, others let it collect dust and the rest use it but aren’t sure how to read it or what they are trying to achieve. Data analysis is vital in our business activities, along with interactive capabilities and real-time data. The business intelligence solution that we’ve found to tick these boxes is Microsoft’s Power BI.

Power BI connects to hundreds of data sources and provides around 16 different chart types to represent your data in a variety of formats and visualisations. Once pinned to your dashboard, you can monitor your performance in real-time through the live dashboard. These dashboards can also be shared with other users.

Power BI is integrated with its other Microsoft tools such as Excel, Azure and SQL Server. A valuable function is the compatibility with Azure SQl Database which creates a report that identifies your businesses trends and key performance areas. Power BI’s database connectivity also connects to most types of on-premise databases and they have a large and growing list of cloud-based connection solutions as well.

In comparison to Microsoft Excel, Power BI is far more capable of dealing with larger data sets. Power BI has more flexibility when customising data and sharing reports and provides stronger filtering capabilities for end-users once published.

Similar to our business model, Power BI is continuously seeking ways to invest in new features for ongoing improvement. Although Power BI doesn’t have all the features that other BI products on the market have, it is likely that these more advanced features will be available in the near-future.

Data is a valuable tool within our organisation and we need the security to protect it. There’s no denying the strength of Microsoft in the corporate world of business software and IT Solutions. They have strong and reputable privacy and security settings which is necessary when sharing and storing data reports.

Power BI is an intuitive tool that can be used across all Teams. Power BI can make segmenting simpler for Marketing, develop stronger pipeline forecasts for Sales, track customer engagement for your Support Team, and create a holistic view of the company for key Decision-Makers. Power BI can do it all