The winter months are well and truly among us and not only does the temperature drop, so can the motivation to look after your health and wellbeing. The IT Partners June Winter Wellness Challenge was a huge success with our team eager to get involved in some friendly competition.

Why did we do the challenge?

As you may have seen from our previous blog The usual and unusual benefits of working at IT Partners – IT Partners, we currently have an extensive wellbeing programme for all employees. A part of this, is a wellness calendar with a focus on different aspects of health and wellbeing each month. When the days are shorter and the temperature has dropped, the motivation to prioritise physical activity can reduce. ​​​​​​​After a competitive ‘step challenge’ in February, Sarah (Personal Trainer & Wellbeing Co-Ordinator) decided to take things up a notch to help us all keep motivated over the month of June.

What was the outcome?

Our team participated in physical and mental wellbeing activities in order to gain points for themselves and their team.  Everyone got involved in different types of activities, for example:

  • Walking or running
  • High intensity and weight training
  • Zero alcohol for a week
  • Meditation
  • Cell phone free night
  • Writing gratitude
  • Completing Sarah’s Ninja Warrior course

Utilising Microsoft 365 throughout the challenge

Not only did the challenge help with motivation, but it was also a great chance to utilise Microsoft 365 technology. The main tools used were:

  • IT Partners Wellness Hub within our SharePoint site (The LENS):
    The Wellness Hub is a central location for Sarah to communicate to the team about wellbeing initiatives – such as updates on the challenge. An example of the Hub:
  • Microsoft Teams Chat:
    Microsoft Teams enables seamless communication and collaboration at IT Partners. For the June challenge we had a Teams Chat for employees involved to share their ideas, experiences, and friendly banter throughout the month, such as Nigel and Owen’s ‘discussion’ below:
  • Power BI Dashboard:
    We utilised a Power BI Dashboard, located within The Wellness Hub, to track individual and team results in real-time. Adding to the competitive spirit and boosting motivation levels:

The Winter Wellness Challenge was a huge success, providing enjoyment for all involved, while utilising the Microsoft 365 suite! We even held a prizegiving at the end of the challenge to crown the winners, followed by a healthy lunch to celebrate the team’s success and willingness to put their wellbeing first.