Being an IT company, we love technology and new ways of doing things.  Being a business that wants to constantly improve our business practises, we also love simplicity.  But when you get as excited as we do about new software applications it can be hard to keep yourself in check.   That’s why we have been reviewing the business applications we use to ensure we aren’t creating unnecessary complexity and cost.

During this process we were pleased to discover that Microsoft have continued to enhance their Office 365 suite of products, making them a more viable alternative to other purpose-built software applications.  The first step we have taken to simplify our toolset is to move to Microsoft Team’s for our instant messaging.

The Top 3 Benefits of Office 365 – Microsoft teams are:

  • Microsoft Teams is a part of Office 365 licenses plans including Business Essentials, Business Premium and Enterprise plans. This means Microsoft Teams comes at no extra cost to your plan. Microsoft Team’s is part of Office 365’s Hub for Team Work, allowing all your Office 365 features to live together.
  • Teams is a collaborative hub where everyone can instant message, call, video conference, share and edit together.
  • With Microsoft Teams integration across Office 365 and third-party applications:
    • Teams integrates with your Outlook calendar, so you can schedule meetings with your team to discuss important topics without having to leave the Teams app.

  • Tabs allows you to add apps to your Teams channels or chats allowing instant collaboration.

  • You can create, edit and share your SharePoint and OneDrive files all within Teams. This function is great when editing files during a meeting as everyone has the live updates where ever they are working in the world.


  • Using one tool with integrated features for your internal communication means messages and tasks will get to everyone directly and save you time from sharing across multiple applications and clogging up inboxes. Everyone is notified on the one tool, keeping all staff up to date on workplace notifications, meetings, events and tasks.

Implementing Microsoft Teams as our one and only communication tool has streamlined our internal communications. We can now combine work conversations, meetings, notes and attachments all in one. Our team is more engaged and effective with communicating tasks as everything is combined. Microsoft Teams is one of the several collaboration applications within Office 365 creating digital transformation in the workplace.

If you would like to talk to us today about implementing Microsoft Teams into your business, please email us at [email protected].