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LM4 Group is an innovative leader in providing dependable, people-centric solutions to commercial and government customers throughout New Zealand. LM4 serves as the parent company overseeing centralised business management services including strategy, finance and HR across its three subsidiaries: Alignz Recruitment, Puatala and Oyonnx.

We sat down with Alana Tyrell, General Manager of People and Culture at LM4, to discuss the successful opening of their new Auckland office and the role IT Partners played in this process.


Over the last two years LM4 Group have tripled in both people, scope, and revenue. As a result, the Group chose to jump on the opportunity to open a new office based in the heart of Manukau city. This provided the LM4 team a chance to address and rectify some of the technological issues they encountered with previous office meeting room spaces.

Alana emphasises that they knew right from the beginning that they wanted meeting rooms designed with a specific purpose in mind “we wanted good visuals, good audio, where you could sit anywhere in the room without people having to project their voice. Plus, the ability to connect without using any wires”.

Taking Action

The scoping phase of this project played a critical role in delivering successful outcomes. Prior to making any recommendations, the IT Partners team conducted meetings with LM4 Group at both their existing site and their new office location. These scoping sessions were designed to gain an understanding of LM4’s old video conferencing equipment and their specific requirements moving forward. The objective was to scope a solution that not only addressed their immediate needs but also aligned to their long-term growth plans. Alana commented how “nothing was ever a hassle for them [IT Partners] and they always had a lot of time to hear any of our concerns”.

Through consultation with LM4’s stakeholders, IT Partners were able to provide a set of recommendations that not only were technologically fit for purpose but factored in considerations such as ease of use for the LM4 team, could grow with them, and aligned with budget requirements.

The Outcome

After the installation of the new video conferencing equipment at LM4’s Manukau office, IT Partners ran comprehensive training sessions with their team. This included not only how to use the technology, but education around time management and meeting room etiquette. Alana highlights that “[IT Partners] made sure our team were supported and ready to go from day one – Within the first hour, our team were ready to go”.

With the new technology in place the LM4 team have experienced a substantial improvement in their ability to conduct in-person and remote meetings. The new video conferencing equipment has transformed the way their teams communicate and collaborate, resulting in a boost in productivity. Highlighting how important it is for businesses to use meeting room technology that is fit for purpose, scalable and adaptable to the evolving needs of a dynamic work environment.