Construction and Logistics

Growth in the Waikato relies heavily on key infrastructure projects and our role as a critical connection point between Auckland and the rest of New Zealand. To scale efficiently by streamlining building processes and logistics networks, we understand that technology cannot be a barrier.

What Makes IT Partners Experts

Given the unique complexities in this sector we focus on aligning your business needs with key tools that add value.
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First Hand Experience

IT Partners provides support services to many businesses in the Construction and Logistics sectors. We have demonstrable experience in platforms such as CostCon, Procore, Revit/BIM360 and BuilderTrend.
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Critical Disciplines

Pillars of success in these industries include programme and project management, alongside quantity estimation and costing disciplines. Our processes align with these factors, ensuring IT projects meet your expectations.
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Front Line Team

We appreciate that the needs of a large subset of your team are different to office-based staff. To suit the environments your team are based in, we work with you to implement the appropriate technologies.

Urban Homes were experiencing rapid growth and faced challenges with an outdated and clunky system that hindered remote work and posed security risks. They required an innovative solution that streamlined business processes.  

IT Partners recommended migrating to Office365 for hosted email and files, ensuring scalability and seamless access to files outside the office. Security concerns were addressed through layered security solutions and workstation upgrades. The transition to Office365 was successful, with minimal downtime and immediate benefits in remote work capabilities.  

Quote from client
IT Partners has been a pleasure to work with, with a genuinely great team. They have a good range of Subject Matter Experts who have helped us with our move to the cloud and implement M365 along with other technologies in the best possible way for our business.

We help get you moving by fixing your pain points

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