The Waikato is recognised as a hub for manufacturing in New Zealand with longstanding flagship organisations such as Prolife Foods, Loop Technologies, SVS Veterinary Supplies, Tekplas, Vertex, APL, Tira, DEC, and many others, being significant employers and contributors to local Gross Domestic Product.

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What Makes IT Partners Experts

Understanding the manufacturing process and its constraints allows us to efficiently deliver value.
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Relevant Expertise

IT Partners has experience working with manufacturing processes and their underpinning technology platforms, including ERP tools like Streamline, Dynamics 365, and SAP. This expertise supports the delivery of your IT services.
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Overcoming Constraints

We understand the theory of constraints (which we leverage internally), the manufacturing lifecycle, and process mapping specific to this sector. Enabling us to provide practical recommendations for your business.
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System Integration

To uncover business efficiencies, the manufacturing industry relies on the ability to seamlessly connect systems and key data. We have significant integration and automation experience to drive productivity.
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Hamilton-based Soudal (formerly known as Holdfast), is a renowned manufacturer of sealants, foams, and adhesives to the New Zealand building industry. Soudal recognised the need to embrace stable information and technology systems to enhance staff efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability.  

By partnering with IT Partners, Soudal underwent a digital transformation journey. The project included many moving parts, which led to improved system stability, access to cutting-edge technology, and enhanced IT infrastructure capabilities, with IT Partners serving as a strategic partner at every business level.

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Quote from client
Our partnership with IT Partners, has transformed our approach to cyber security. They seamlessly lead the conversation, driving our organisation towards best practice. With their proactive stance, we rest easy knowing that our business is better protected from the ever-evolving cyber security risks, empowering us to focus on our core objectives with confidence.
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