Day to Day Support

Technology issues are often frustrating and disruptive. From individual queries to major outages, our Support Team is on hand to help remediate these problems, acting either as an extension of your internal IT capabilities or managing your IT support requirements full-time. We understand how important
it is for your technology to be readily available, addressing support requests in a timely manner before they escalate to cause significant interruption.

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NPS is a satisfaction measurement established by asking clients to rate their experience between 0 and 10.
Percentage of clients who are happy with the support they received in response to their query.
CALL WAIT TIME (seconds)
The average length of time a client is waiting for their call to be answered by our support team.
Data effective April, 2023
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Client Experience

Understanding that businesses have more choices than ever before, we are focussed on providing a highly personalised and cohesive experience. Our friendly support team take a people first approach, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
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Remote & Field Services

Acting as either your IT team or augmenting internal capability, we deliver expert remote and onsite support. Our team’s breadth of skills, experience, and scale ensures a safe pair of hands are always available, even outside of standard business hours.
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Processes & Tools

To deliver the most effective support service, we leverage standardisation and industry leading tools that offer high levels of automation and process efficiency. This enables the proactive monitoring and resolution of problems before they lead to business interruption.
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