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At IT Partners we are acutely aware that our clients rely on us to help them remain relevant in an increasingly global and fast paced world. Much has been written of the Forth Industrial Revolution and Digital Transformation, but what does this mean and how can you incorporate these concepts into decisions and actions that will deliver value?

“Agility is the only sustainable competitive advantage.”
Jeff Bezos, Amazon

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of executives failed to create sustainable value from their last transformation initiative
Transformations that begin with technology (vs. strategic objectives) are 2X as likely to fail
of executives believe their legacy systems are a barrier to success
Reference: KPMG Global Transformation Study
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Specialist Team

Our Professional Services Team are strategic advisory and transformation experts. Specialised in change management and business processes. Delivering projects that drive revenue, reduce cost, and manage risk.
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Strategic Execution

IT Partners strategic advisory capability, combined with our strength in technology delivery, provides you with end-to-end accountability and speed from strategy through to the successful delivery of outcomes.
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Independent Guidance

As we do not implement Line of Business or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, we are independent, agnostic, and take a holistic view that encompasses people, processes, and technology.
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Our Services Include:
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Providing vCIO services, strategic planning and governance
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Designing information management taxonomies for SharePoint and Teams
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Delivering integration and automation activities to streamline processes
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Business process analysis, mapping, and requirements gathering

Hamilton-based Soudal (formerly known as Holdfast), is a renowned supplier of sealants, foams, and adhesives to the New Zealand building industry. Soudal recognised the need to embrace stable information and technology systems to enhance staff efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability.  

By partnering with IT Partners, Soudal underwent a digital transformation journey. The project included many moving parts, which led to improved system stability, access to cutting-edge technology, and enhanced IT infrastructure capabilities, with IT Partners serving as a strategic partner at every business level.  

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