Cyber Security

There is no bulletproof way to prevent a cyber-attack. To keep pace with the evolving threat landscape, consistent vigilance and adaptation is essential. Cyber security is a journey we are on together with our clients, and not a destination. Soon your cyber security score will be more important than your credit score, meaning it must be recognised as a business priority and not an IT cost.

Cyber Security Layers

Multi-layered Approach

IT Partners cyber security framework is a collection of solutions and intellectual property that provide a layered security approach. We have clearly defined baseline security standards to ensure your business is protected.

International Alignment

Our framework is derived from internationally recognised standards (ASCS Essential Eight & CertNZ Critical Controls). This ensures that each of our recommendations are evidence based with proven use cases.

Modern Business Requirements

A growing mobile workforce has changed the nature of work as well as core cyber security principles. Our framework is designed to take your business on its Zero Trust journey, enabling secure work from anywhere.
Basics of Cyber Hygiene

It is important to acknowledge that cyber security doesn’t have to get in the way of productivity. Getting the basics right and providing a solid foundation protects against 98% of attacks (Microsoft Digital Defence Report). The basics being antimalware, least privilege access, multi-factor authentication, patching, and backup are the good hygiene practices most businesses are already leveraging.

Lodge Real Estate is a leading Hamilton real estate firm with dedicated experts in residential, rural and commercial sales and property management. With 50 years of experience, the company’s focus on excellence has driven its favourable market reputation.

Lodge Real Estate had been facing an influx of phishing emails. When phishing emails take over, the negative effect on a business is often a lot more than cyber security risk and lost productivity – the constant wear and tear on staff takes its toll.

IT Partners tackled Lodge’s phishing challenges by implementing a layered Cyber Security approach designed to cope with the most sophisticated techniques of cyber criminals. The results speak for themselves.


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