The network, whether that be LAN, WAN, Internet, or a combination of all three, is the technology foundation on which modern businesses operate. The progression to Software-as-a-Service and cloud platforms has enabled us to work from anywhere at any time but also means that poor network performance or outages can cause damaging disruption and productivity loss.

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Understanding Complexity

Business networks are highly fragmented, with many moving parts, such as Routers, Firewalls, Switches, Access Points, and complex policy considerations. Having a partner who understands this intricacy is critical.
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Unified Communications

As collaboration is vital to achieving business outcomes, a unified approach to communication plays a key role in any business. Our solutions enable simple and seamless productivity wherever you are.
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Connectivity Experts

IT Partners has decades of collective experience in all aspects of networking and a suite of tools, services, and ecosystem partners. Ensuring your networks are securely monitored, maintained, and perform at the level designed.
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Our Services Include:
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Managed LAN & WAN Services
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Lightwire Internet and Calling Plans
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3CX VOIP Phone Systems and Services
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Microsoft Teams Collaboration and Calling Services

H G Leach & Co. Ltd is a family-owned business with quarries, contracting and solid waste management sites throughout the Thames Valley. Facing challenges with an unreliable and slow internet connection at their rural head office site near Paeroa, their previous solutions were costly and impractical due to the remote location.  

IT Partners invested time upfront to ensure they fully understood H G Leach & Co. Ltd’s connectivity needs, building a solution in partnership with their sister company, Lightwire, an Internet Service Provider. This solution utilised Lightwire’s extensive network of wireless towers and fibre assets in the Waikato region.  

The implemented solution resulted in a fast and reliable internet connection, improving communication between remote sites and enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

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