Modern Work

Both employers and employees alike now expect the ability to work securely and productively anywhere and at any time to best meet business and lifestyle requirements. The Microsoft 365 (M365) suite of modern communication and collaboration tools makes this possible.

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Microsoft 365 Ecosystem
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Platform Foundation

At the core of M365 are SharePoint and Teams, which provide everything from calling to advanced document and information management. It’s essential to get the foundations of SharePoint and Teams right.
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Uncovering Efficiencies

Leveraging the power of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications and Single Sign On (SSO) the user experience can be seamless and consistent. Leading to productivity benefits for your business.
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Empowering Your Team

IT Partners drives transformation, leveraging the latest M365 technologies to power and streamline business operations.
Enabling your team to do their best work, anywhere, anytime.
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Our Services Include:
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Device and lifecycle management
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Communication channels
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Mobility management
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Information management
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Security and authentication
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Governance and policy development

In this case study, we examine how our Professional Services team successfully transformed a client's operational efficiency, enabling them to achieve improved workflows, and increased productivity.

HD Geo, a leading Waikato specialist in Geotechnical Engineering, contaminated land and observation, faced significant challenges with their workflows due to their team being spread across the country (often in off-the-grid locations).

The IT Partners Professional Services team conducted a comprehensive analysis of their existing operations, identified pain points, and designed a tailored Microsoft 365 solution. By leveraging our expertise, we enabled HD Geo to optimise its workflows and harness the power of automation. 

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Are you utilising your Microsoft 365 suite to its full potential?

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