Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Recent market and social events have demonstrated that it’s not if, but when an incident will occur that impacts your business operations. While a cyber-attack will most likely be the cause, we’ve also seen pandemics, civil emergencies, hardware failure, human-error, and power outages as triggers for significant events.

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Disaster Recovery Insights

Of small businesses never reopen after a disaster
Of businesses have experienced a significant data loss in the last 12 months
Of businesses that can’t recover their data within 10 days, close within a year
Reference: Invenio, Datacore, ONtech
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Managing Risk

Business continuity is the planning and process that allows a business to respond when a disaster occurs. Restoring data, access, and IT systems with minimal disruption to operations.
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BCDR Strategy

Understanding the frequency of backups and your
expected restoration time, shapes your business requirements. We work with you to align these strategic considerations.
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Expert Knowledge

We understand the importance of BCDR and backup, and have the expertise and partner ecosystem to protect your business. Ensuring recovery is efficient and complete.
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Our Services Include:
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Risk analysis and planning
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Cloud and on-premises backup and recovery tools
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Testing services and a pool of equipment spares
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Does your business have a disaster recovery plan?

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