LM4 | Office Relocation

Professional Services

LM4 Group is an innovative leader in providing dependable, people-centric solutions to commercial and government customers throughout New Zealand. LM4 serves as the parent company overseeing centralised business management services across its three subsidiaries: Alignz Recruitment, Puatala and Oyonnx.

We sat down with Alana Tyrell, General Manager of People and Culture at LM4, to discuss the successful launch of their new Auckland office and the role IT Partners played in this process.


Having experienced significant growth, LM4 Group made the strategic decision to seize the opportunity to open a new office in the heart of Manukau city. This move enabled the LM4 team to design, plan, and implement a new office space that aligned closely with their core values and ways of operating.

Alana notes “There were three key factors we considered when opening our new office. The functionality of workstations and meeting rooms. In addition to employee and customer experiences – ensuring they could feel our ethos when they stepped in the door, and finally, scalability – knowing the space had the capability to shift and adjust to accommodate a rapidly growing team”.

Taking Action

Building moves can be a stressful time with lots of moving parts. Overseeing various aspects such as the coordination of vendors and subcontractors, to planning and scheduling procurement can be demanding. IT Partners' primary focus throughout this process was to guarantee a seamless technological experience for the LM4 team.

The planning stage was instrumental in the success of the entire project. As technology experts, it was IT Partners’ responsibility to align LM4’s requirements with the technical aspects of a new building setup. This involved an initial scoping session with LM4, followed by on-site visits to establish how to maximise space while keeping it functional and fit for purpose.

We had a few scoping sessions because our team at LM4 are not tech specialists, but we knew what we did and didn’t want based on our past experiences. We were able to come into those sessions with IT Partners and throw out all our ideas, and their team was able to grab the requirements and present us with options based on cost and timelines”.

The Outcome

By utilising a skilled team of technology experts and procurement professionals, IT Partners were able to deliver an outcome tailored to LM4's specifications promptly and efficiently.

As the project came to an end and the opening day finally arrived, Alana states, “On day one in the new office, it was great to have IT Partners there to help us, supporting our team with their individual tech needs, such as initial set up, connecting to Wi-Fi, monitor alignment, and ensuring they could also print and scan. Everything was operational from day one.”