Employee Benefits Series: Supporting Internal Progression

Dannielle Cook

This blog is part five of our five-part series on some of the unique employee benefits available to the team at IT Partners. This post showcases how IT Partners support career growth and progression within our internal frameworks.

Career progression should be an integral part of any business’s workforce management and retention strategy. It is widely agreed that growth opportunities enhance employee performance and overall improve productivity and efficiency at an organisational level.

What is internal progression and why is it important to IT Partners?

Internal progression is simply the ability of a team member to grow and advance their career in an organisation by transitioning into a new role (vertical) or by gaining new skills to further develop their current role (lateral). Data backs up how important internal progression is for improving employee satisfaction, productivity, and engagement. IT Partners dedicates significant time and resources to nurture the growth of our team, and a commitment to ‘search internally’ when thinking about our next hire or opportunity.

What does Professional Development look like at IT Partners?

At IT Partners, supporting our teams' development is a key part of our strategy to stay ahead of the curve. It ensures our team stays up to date on industry practices and learn new skills and results in strong employee engagement as well as attracting top talent.

Professional development looks different to each member of our team and covers a variety of learning opportunities which include webinars, certificates, higher education courses and mentorship. While it’s ultimately up to the individual’s responsibility to own their professional development, it’s important for IT Partners to encourage further education by removing barriers and ensuring staff have access to internal and external learning opportunities.

How do we encourage career progression from the recruitment process?

It is extremely beneficial to show clear pathways of progression within your business. This guides your team and demonstrates that their career is valued and will be proactively supported over time. At IT Partners we align recruitment with internal career growth, and this starts with scoping roles for our business that fit our overall strategic objectives. This also means we proactively communicate to potential new candidates, our invested interest in their growth from the beginning.

When a new member joins our team, we develop a plan to support their professional development journey, taking into account their skills and interests. Understanding while some may want to move vertically others may simply want to move laterally in their careers. This guides how we offer learning opportunities, ensuring they are as closely aligned with the individual as possible.

How do we support career progression within our business?

Internal career progression is a mutually beneficial position for IT Partners. Benefiting both our team members and our business by supporting continuous learning, development, and growth. To facilitate progression, we have developed Career Planning guides and development roadmaps to support our team’s career development goals within the organisation, providing clear expectations of key skills and behaviours required to successfully transition into new roles within IT Partners or to grow within their position.

One of these development tools is the adoption of a GROW model. The GROW model is “based around the theory that using questions rather than instructions in an organisation will foster change more readily”. The GROW model, an acronym for Goal, Reality, Options and Will is a structured approach to foster internal progression. IT Partners employs the GROW model to provide an organised and supportive framework and aids our team in clearly defining their goals and devising actionable plans to effectively attain their desired outcomes. Through these concerted efforts, we're nurturing an environment where personal growth aligns harmoniously with our company's success.

 At IT Partners, we place strong importance on nurturing the talent of our team. Our company culture thrives on providing you with the perfect opportunity to advance your career. If you’re interested in joining our team, email us at careers@itpartners.co.nz. We also encourage you to check out some of our other posts in our Employee Benefits series at Insights www.itpartners.co.nz/insights